Delta del Orinoco

In the Eastern part of Venezuela there is a state called Delta Amacuro, in this state you can find the Orinoco Delta which is a landform that forms from deposition of sediment carried by the Orinoco River. This delta is the second biggest in the continent.

orinoco delta geographische lage orinoco delta karte delta amacuro ...

In this part of my country you can find endangered species like river dolphins, giant river otters, jaguars and Orinoco crocodiles. Not only that, once you are there you can hear the roaring howler monkeys welcoming the dawn at 3 in the morning (to give and idea they sound like lions fighting in the middle of the night).

Pink / Amazon river dolphin, Brazil
River dolphin also known as pink dolphin

This place is not only interesting for the amazing landscapes and its fauna, it is also home of the ‘Waraos’ , also known as the “boat people” because of their intimate connection to the water. Babies in this community learn how to swim before walking. Going there and having contact with the Warao people is like going hundreds of years back in time (by the way this community have been around for more than 9000 years). These people barely speak spanish they have their formal dialect. Once you get in contact with this community you gotta be open minded enough.  Waraos do things in a whole different way, for example they don’t have knowledge of numbers or time, and they guide themselves by using the positions of the starts and the level of the water.

Typical Warao home – an open sided hut on stilts.
Inside a Warao home

Also they truly believe in black magic and shamanism.  Actually, the dad of one of the families we visited told us the story about how his son died; the shaman living across the river kills Warao kids with black magic when he is envy of their youth. To be honest I don’t think this can be possible. There are many reasons why these kids can die like their exposure to parasites, lack of health care and contact with foreigners that bring new illnesses. As an example during colonization the contact with the white man was one of the main reason why many of the indigenous died.

‘Warao’ family riding a ‘curiara’ during sunset time.




The river gives the Waraos everything they need, their diet consist mostly on fish and everything they can take out of the moriche palms tree like it’s fruits, worms and flour.

Typical Warao food

If you ever decide to visit Venezuela and are wondering how to get to this remote area, no worries, it is very easy and many tour agencies offer 3 days tours with their own camps for about $150-$200 (prices might change due to the country’s inflation).

Orinoco Camp

I know Venezuela is going through tough times right now, but when everything gets better I encourage you to live this experience. I assure you that after this you will be wondering if everything what you worry in your daily life is worth the stress, because this place and specially these people give you a whole new perspective on how to live and has you realize that you don’t need much to be truly happy.

Thank you for reading!!




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