Visiting the End of the World

Ever wonder what is down south? Maybe you have heard of Argentina which is famous for it’s meat and Tango but there is much more. The touristic attractions not only are in Buenos Aires. In the south close to the Antartica is this beautiful town called USHUAIA located on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, the southernmost tip of South America, nicknamed the “End of the World.” This lovely town is surrounded by the Martial Mountains and Beagle Channel.


What to do in Ushuaia?

Now let’s get down to business… What can you do there? First of all, the town is small and the locals are nice. They usually offer rides to the tourists at no cost.

Before our trip we heard about the famous seafood in Ushuaia so as soon as we got to the town we enter the first restaurant we saw and order a plate with centollas. Every restaurant in Ushuaia offers this type of food, a plate costs around 20$.. Yes, Ushuaia is not that cheap but it is completely worth it you will never in your life try something like it.

They taste better than they look!

Then there is the Bagel Channel, where you can book a tour in one of the tour offices located near the waterfront, this catamaran trips will take you around the Beagle Channel and give you nice views of the mountains, cormorants, penguins, orcas, seals, sea lions and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse.

Beagle Channel

On our second day, we decided to visit Tierra del Fuego National Park. We got lucky on this one because a local we met the day before gave us a private tour. She also told us that the reason she moved to Ushuaia was that park, and I don’t blame her; it’s landscapes are breathtaking. The park is located 22 minutes west from the town over the borderline with Chile. If you want you can camp inside the Park but the best option is the town itself.


Last but not least is the Esmeralda Lake with it’s turquoise water is one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever visited in my life. It’s muddy trail takes you to different landscapes where you can see lots of beavers’ dams (Beavers were introduced by humans in 1946. The beavers already threaten around sixteen million hectares of indigenous forests)


Depending on the trail conditions the walk is about 2 hours without much elevation. To get there from the town you can simply hitchhike or take a bus from the downtown.

Finally after 2 hours this is what you’ll find!


Credits: Genius behind the camera Kevin Leverenz


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